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High-tech, low-tech, or no-tech what's your favorite running gear? From GPS watches to the best socks and everything in between.
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They're the most important piece of the running equation. What are your favorites? Tell us what you love (or don't love) about your kicks.
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Looking for a place to talk about running stuff not covered in our other sections? This is that.
Latest Topic - Thoughts on turning 70
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Looking for online testers to help Brooks create a better product!
The Brooks Digital Experience team is looking for willing testers to help us create a better online experience for our customers. We're setting up a beta testers group within The Run community and we would love your help!   Being a part of this group will allow you to participate in user studies that involve all the things Brooks does digitally. We'll post surveys and quick tests for you to participate in, and in return, you will have the opportunity for discounts and contest entries.   Respond to this post if you'd like to participate. We'll be limiting the number of people initially but will open it up to more people as we expand the program.   Once you've been accepted as a tester, you'll be able to see a "BETA Test Area" topic added to the community sidebar. This is the exclusive area within the community for our testers, where we will be posting tests and you can ask questions as needed.   Thanks! Brooks Digital Experience Team
Loriea New Member replied
I'd be more than happy to help more
Thoughts on turning 70
OMG! 70 - still coaching, still running, still racing and still having fun 😉. One of my daily mantras was written by Magdalena Lewy Boulet and it goes like this, "You can get up and remind yourself that you're getting older and things are harder and your life is busy.  I take the other choice. I try to see the best. My life is great. I have amazing opportunities ahead of me and I make the best out of it and try not to beat myself up that age has anything to do with it.  I know there's a reality that eventually, ok, I won't be able to pr, and that's fine. As long as I can trick my body and my mind a little longer, I'm going to have fun with it". Still Running Happy with many miles to go ........... And, a big shout-out to Brooks in supporting me as a Brooks I.D. Coach along the way and into my next age group.
ccalfee Valued Contributor replied
Congrats on another decade of circling the sun.  I like your outlook.  Keep on Truckin'. more
what shoe should i get for fallen arches?
What is the best shoe for fallen arches?  
ccalfee Valued Contributor replied
You should first either use the shoe fit tool on the Brooks site or visit a local running store for... more
Replacement for Utopia III Thermal Hoodie- any jackets out there with same fabric?
I have been wearing the Utopia hoodie almost every day for the past two years. It's to the point that my friends and family are sick of seeing it (eek). I have tried very hard to find a replacement for it but there doesn't seem to be a jacket with the same fabric on their website ever. I can't handle even the slightest trace of wool so a few of the hoodies available are not for me. I've tried other brands but the fabric of this jacket is too good and they all pale in comparison.    Does anyone know of a good replacement or if Brooks plans to release a new thermal brushed hoodie/jacket in the same polyester/spandex blend?    Many thanks! Mel 
ccalfee Valued Contributor replied
How about the Cascadia Jacket or the Distance Hoodie? more
Best Successor to the Discontinued Brooks PureDrift?
Hi all,   I'm over 6'1" and over 200 lbs. I strike with my forefoot first while running and love the wiggle room my toes have in my Brooks PureDrift shoes.   I've run 2 half-marathons in my PureDrifts and have put in ~100 miles of training runs in these shoes. But, I don't think they're going to make it to my next half-marathon in November (the first half in which I'm actually training to attain a certain time).   Here's my problem: these shoes are no longer sold by Brooks. Does anyone know what the "successor" to the PureDrift is? I've particularly attached to the minimalist upper, the "almost not there" weight, and the large toe box.   Thanks for any help you can provide.
Itzbyo Occasional Visitor replied
Try neuro 2. They are airy feeling, nice and cool but almost a little to cushy. I'm hoping the DNA f... more
Inspiration from Steve Prefontaine--Why we run
"You have to wonder at times what you're doing out there. Over the years, I've given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started. It comes down to self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement." Steve Prefontaine
ccalfee Valued Contributor replied
I am simply partial to Yoda - do or do not - there is no try.  I also think Pre was an advocate for... more
Find best shoe for rehab after knee replacement surgery
Having my 2nd knee replacement surgery and want to find a good shoe for rehab. After my 1st replacement during rehab my feet were in a lot of pain. Ended up just taking my shoes off which my physical therapist didn't recommend.
ccalfee Valued Contributor replied
I agree with Eric's suggestion concerning going to a specialty running store.  It is super importan... more
Going a little lighter for marathon shoe?
I've been both training and racing in Ravenna series shoes for several years, but I'm exploring the option of going with a slightly lighter shoe. I use the Racer ST (and now have a pair of Asterias) for speed work, but it doesn't provide enough cushion (for me) at long distances. Any recommendations for something in between for marathons? Pure Cadence perhaps? I'd prefer something with a little stability, enough cushion, and a little less weight. Thoughts?
afs New Contributor replied
Thanks for the recommendations! I got myself a couple pairs of the Launch 4 and have had a bit of t... more
Buying Running shoes for the next season
Hi fellow runners, I love Brooks 'Beast' shoes as they provide the best arch support for my feet. I wouldn't mind pre-ordering them ahead of the next season's release. I am working on an online course project related to this topic and have a small anonymous survey which should take less than a minute to fill out. Could you please help me by taking this survey?   Thanks in advance.
RichardB Valued Contributor replied
I am glad to help @runlikethewind. more
Wet Shoes!
Help! While on a training run, I got caught in a deluge! My shoes are soaking wet. How do I dry them out without damaging them? Thanks. 
marpr227 Founding Runner replied
I know your problem is solved, but a few years ago, my wife bought me a shoe dryer. Works just like... more
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