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Compartment Syndrome?
  About a week ago, I started working with an athlete who is complaining of tightness in her calves. She's 20, has been running for a couple of years and has a real thirst to test her limits. She's got a history of calf tightness. She passed on today's workout because her calves were so tight after yesterday. Usually, a post-workout roll helps, but it didn't today. However, the discomfort seems to be sporadic. After several text messages this morning, I began to wonder if she has compartment syndrome. Anyone had any experience with this?  And if it's not CS, what else could it be?
marpr227 Founding Runner replied
Athlete with what we thought might be compartment syndrome is doing much better. Shoes were all wro... more
Plantar Fasiatis
I am just healing from Planters Fasiatis in both feet. I still have some pain in my heels. I'm running in Brooks Ghost 9. I have seen a Podiatrist who hit me with steroids and inserts. Should I change shoes or is treatment the only cure.
EricLuedeman Frequent Contributor replied
I hate those words PF.   I had it once and saw a pedotrist who wanted to put me in orthotics and a ... more
Knee pain and thigh pain
Both of my knees are currently hurting. I can't walk/run up and down the stairs or else it will just start hurting. It hurts when I stand up, or even sit down too. In addition, I have thigh pain on my left thigh. The pain is all the way at the top of the thigh. When I touch it, it just hurts. Plus both of my knees are hurting. My knees don't hurt when I touch them, but it hurts, the inside of it. When I touch the thigh area that is hurting, that hurts a lot.
RichardB Valued Contributor replied
Hello Angela @Angela. Welcome to The Run and sorry to read of your painful situation. You have a lo... more
Sole peeling off
The sole on my son's shoe, (which are only a month old) started peeling off from the front of the heel to the back. I didn't know about this issue until he fell in gym class due to the sole catching on the gym floor which caused a pretty severe break in his leg. Is this a common problem with these shoes? I know I'll never buy another pair and people should be aware of this issue when buying shoes for your children.
RichardB Valued Contributor replied
First off, welcome to The Run community @608bigjeff and thanks for sharing your son's story. The Br... more
I was a daily runner, I competed in every 5k to Marathon I could while still being a husband and father. Now because of injuries I am fearful to compete again or even keep a 5 days a week routine. My issue is more mental than any other factor. Anyone have advice or ability to be empathetic? 
Merleman1 Occasional Contributor replied
For me, I started doing short distance triathlons, the change of doing more than one thing helped b... more
ITBS in cold weather
I've been dealing with iliotibial band syndrome in my left knee for about a month. I've been rehabbing it and strengthening my glutes. It's been feeling better until I ran in some really cold weather (around 0 degrees). Within minutes I had severe pain and couldn't continue. My question is, is this common for ITBS to react this way in the cold? Has anyone else experienced this? Thank you!
Rip Contributor replied
Everything has probably already been said (thanks @smalls and @RichardB, among others).   However... more
Elbow Pain after Sprints
This might be an odd question but I am experiencing sore elbows after sprinting/speed work. I'm not sure if it's because I'm swinging my arms really hard, the blood is rushing to my elbows, or if I'm just getting old! Has anyone else experienced this?
ccalfee Valued Contributor replied
It could be that the connective tissue around your elbow is inflexible.  I could also be that you a... more
Knee Injury
Hi, I recently started running and injured my knee. I’m looking for a good compression knee sleeve to see if it will help me continue to workout. Has anyone here tried a compression knee sleeve by Grip Power Pads? It looks great online, but I just wanted some advice before I make a purchase. Thanks.
ccalfee Valued Contributor replied
Beyond some relevant background information on the current state of your knee, I think that CEP mak... more
Achilles pain
Anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with cronic achilles tendon pain?
SuzyQ Occasional Contributor replied
Thanks I decided to seek another opinion as I have also had a cortizone injection many years ago in... more
Popping in my knee, some pain varying from mild to sever. Pain in between hip and groin.
I have knowledge on both injuries and have narrowed the knee problem down to my ACL,PCL, or Patellar tendon, and I believe thr hip complications is due to a hip flexor that becomes strained, I allow it to heal but I guess not long enough, and it is reagrivated. Any tips for treatment? I am a very experienced runner and this is my life, and to not be able to function with my norma confidence and strength is unbearable, would deeply appreciate any help.
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