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As much as we all love doughnuts and spray cheese, we need more of the right fuel to run well and run long.
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What is your favorite heart-healthy cookbook?
We like the recipes in, "What's Cooking at the Cooper Clinic. 1 and 2." Our favorite might be the hamburger soup. All that goodness, hamburger and still just under 30% fat.
ccalfee Valued Contributor replied
I like the recipes in Scott Jurek's book Eat to Run.  I also like the recipes in Feed Zone Table.  ... more
Hey guys!   My brother is a freshman running at the University of Richmond. He obviously has been EXHAUSTED lately between his training, and school work. Any advice on daily vitamins to take as a runner?!   Thanks - Alexa
marpr227 Founding Runner replied
I went through that just after college. I got a blood test and as soon as the nurse began the extra... more
Choosing healthy meals
I've been running for a couple of years now and have been incorporating healthy eating to lose a little bit of wait. However, I find it more exhausting to actually find a meal to eat, whether it is to replenish my body from my run, or just choose the right meals for the rest of the day. A lot of websties list meals that either take too long to make, or include ingredients that I don't have. Does anyone have suggestions on how to take the pressure off of finding just the right meal or snack? I want to know what I am looking for when I go to eat. Thanks!
garyg1345 New Contributor replied
I love the Runner's World cookbook!  It's easy to spend a little time on the weekend or evenings co... more
Best Post Run Beers?
Guiness has been my nutritional beer of choice after a run.  Does anyone have any other go to beers to cap off a run?
Nswifty New Member replied
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, or if its really hot out and ice cold Sol cerveza! more
How to start a conversation about weight management with high school runner?
Does anyone have any ideas on how to start a personal conversation on weight management with a high school boy cross country runner?   I have a kid who works harder than anyone on the team and he is over weight.  I have had specific conversations with the team about nutrition and he has never said anything about his weight or asked any questions about it.   Do I wait for him to ask about weight loss or do I bring up the subject on my own?   He is a 14 year old Freshman in High School.
ccalfee Valued Contributor replied
As Richard noted, what is the standard you are using for "overweight?"  Perhaps this 14 year old ha... more
College Athlete eating healthy...
Any tips on eating healthy with a college budget. I find it tough to find good meals without spending more than what my budget allows. Any tips would be great. Thank you, Jesse
roxyrunner112 Frequent Contributor replied
This is defintely a tricky balance on a college student's budget.   The healthiest thing you can ... more
So I was told I should start eating better. I agree. The person who told me to eat better said that lots of beans are the best idea. Are they right?
Emmarunner Valued Contributor replied
There are lots of differing opinions on beans. Paleo/primal says no to legumes, and others say it's... more
Vitamin D and Running
Has anyone had an experience of low Vitamin D and extreme fatigue? I recently had some bloodwork done that indicated that I had extreme low levels of  Vitamin D. I am thinking this might be part of the reason for the slow running season I have had this spring. Does anyone know any foods that might help in addition to a high dose Vitamin D sumplement I am now going to be taking once a week?
marpr227 Founding Runner replied
I'm really big on taking such issues to a Registered Dietetician who specaializes in athletes. If y... more
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