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anyone in Boulder/Denver area?
hey all, I just moved to Boulder. Does anyone on this community live here? I would like meet up with other runners in the area.         
weatherproof walking shoe
Looking for a good walking shoe
Palestine Marathon
I just registered for the March 31, 2017, Palestine Half Marathon .  It's in it's 5th year.  It was successfully organized by "Right to Movement" , a non profit global running community for the first 4 years.   The race grew from 700 runners in the inaugural race in 2013 to 5000 runners in 2016.  "Right to Movement" was founded in April 2013 with the goal to "promote the basic human right to freedom of movement as stipulated under Article 13 in the Human Rights Charter – and to tell a new story about Palestine."   Article 13. (1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state. (2) Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country. Part of the dilemma has been how to lay out a 26.2 mile marathon course in an area where movement is restricted.  This years race will be organized by the Palestine Olympic Committee.   Races include a full marathon,  half marathon, 10k and a family race.   Register here!!!
Why are you here?
For several months, my two training partners and I would start our Tuesday morning track workouts at 5:30. We'd finish around 6:45, and we usually saw this guy step on the track as we were leaving. One day he stopped us and said, "I see you guys out here every week. Why are you here?" I said, "Well, I'm here because these two are here."  My two training partners agreed that seldom would we do this every week on our own. We depended on each other not just for accountability, but to elevate our game.   A dependable training partner is priceless. 
Glycerin 14
I just bought a pair of Brooks Glycerin 14 about a month ago, best pair of running shoes I have had in several years. They felt good from the moment I tried them on in the store.
Ghost 9 Stitching irritation
Has anyone else had an issues with the three small stitches on the inside of the show where the toe cap meets the sole causing irritation and rubbing against the bone nehind the big toe. I know one other person wit the same shoe and he has the exact same problem. I am considering sanding the stitching down on the inside or picking it out. It is causing massive irritation and only on the left foot    
Popping in my knee, some pain varying from mild to sever. Pain in between hip and groin.
I have knowledge on both injuries and have narrowed the knee problem down to my ACL,PCL, or Patellar tendon, and I believe thr hip complications is due to a hip flexor that becomes strained, I allow it to heal but I guess not long enough, and it is reagrivated. Any tips for treatment? I am a very experienced runner and this is my life, and to not be able to function with my norma confidence and strength is unbearable, would deeply appreciate any help.
Ladies!! I need help!! Give me SPORTS BRAS recommendations!!
I have experienced some serious chafing under my breast bone & my back especially on days i run longer than a 10k. & I cant even get started on the burns I feel when I shower I spent $80 on it, bought it from Nordstorm. I am a DD runner so I can never just pick up bras from Marshalls or old navy or nike even.  Please give me your recommendations on a good sports bra. I was looking at the ones Brooks has & I am planning to get 2-3 soon. Thanks in advance!!
World Class Racewalking Clinic at Petit National Skating Center
Just back from conducting one of my "World Class Racewalking" clinics at the Petit National Skating Center in West Allis, WI. I was assisted by US National Team Member Pablo Gomez. We took a side trip to Rodiez's running store to go shoe shopping. Everybody loves the new Brook Hyperion for racewalking. (Especially Stephen Bedford who won a free pair!) Thank you, Brooks! Upcoming clinics include Louisville, KY; Galveston, TX; North Canton, OH; and Las Vegas, NV. Details are at  
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