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Rookie Runner in San Antonio
Hi to everyone on here.  So, I'm 41 years old and have always been fairly active and kept in decent shape.  Unfortunately the last 12 years I have been slightly overweight... never obese, but overweight.  I had reconstructive knee surgery about 12 years ago and that really helped my laziness take control over me.  Before the surgery I was physically active.  After the surgery I just lost all desire to stay fit.  About two years ago I started running slowly and built myself up to running/walking 5K's.  Unfortunately I had some life changes and I lost my way with my running.  I'm just now getting back in to it and I am finding it much harder this time around to get it going.  Maybe it's just in my head, but I feel like I'm struggling more this time around.  My shins were cramping up and my right foot and toes were cramping up.  I was told to have someone at Fleet Feet watch my gait both walking and running.  I took that advice and visited my local Fleet Feet and was recommended to try Brooks Ghosts and I love them!!!!  My shins no longer cramp up and my foot no longer cramps up.  I can feel a difference when I run, but I'm still having some difficulty in other areas.  I'm really looking forward to getting back to where I was two years ago and reading some of the stories on this site have me really motivated again!  A few questions.... any recommendations for pre-run meals/snacks?  Any recommendations for after-run meals/snacks?  Also, what about clothing shorts/shirts/socks?
raballi New Contributor replied
Awesome!  Thanks for the tips!  I'll put these in to practice and experiment with what I like best!... more
Best Post Run Beers?
Guiness has been my nutritional beer of choice after a run.  Does anyone have any other go to beers to cap off a run?
Nswifty New Member replied
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, or if its really hot out and ice cold Sol cerveza! more
Nipple Chafing!
Ok, I'm training for my first half marathon and am starting to have an issue with nipple chafing for the first time. So, 2 questions: 1. What do you use to prevent it? 2. What do you use to treat it?
mikeyrj Contributor replied
@V-Run7 thanks for the idea! more
My first race was a fail
Well, yesterday I went on my first race. It didn´t go as I thought and I felt awful so I wanted to share it with you. I´m a newbie runner with 6 months so far hitting the road.   After 6 months of training and having achieved running 10k (@ 6:17 comfortable pace) I decided to take the plunge and after my typical "why not?" attitude I signed up for a 8.5K, expecting to crush my PR and hit finish line in 45 min top!   So I trained, I research a bit about warming up routines beforehand and a bit of nutrition tips... you may know how it goes. Also I talked to a couple of runner friends and they had different points of view about what to do, what to eat, etc. Finally, the day of the race arrived and I felt as many butterflies in my tummy as I felt the first time I kissed a girl.   Let me tell you that we have a little 10 month brat and I ussually wake up during the night to help him to go back to sleep and the aftermath of this way of living is 3-5 hour sleep per night during the last 10 months for my wife and I. I really don´t know if this affects or not one´s performance on a race day (chances are, it does) but I have lived and survived all my running life with it, so I thought it was nothing to worry about.   Well, going back to race day. I prepared my garment in advance and I had breakfast 2 hours before the race. My usual fuel is coffee and oatmeal with a spoonful of peanut butter but I made a change and added rainins instead of peanut butter. Also I drank 1/2 glass of Gatorade. I showed up 45 minutes before to warm up and stuff. One detail here is that I decided to try new gear and decided to use my new compression calf sleeves because I trained for a while with a similar product... oh boy, this did no good for my mind (I read so much about avoiding to try new things on race day and there I was, doing exactly the opposite). I jogged for 10 min, I made a 10 min dynamic stretching session and three rounds of running drills ending warmup with a couple of sprints. I was very anxious because I saw ao many fit individuals, many of them wearing their performance running clothing and laughing out... I also overheard a girl telling her friend she ran 20k as warm up! I was almost overwhelmed at this point, so I tell to myself: "focus on you, focus on your body and keep a steady pace so you don´t waste your energy" as a mantra but let me tell you, it didn´t work .   7 a.m. and the race start came along. I began strong and I decided to go on a 4:55 pace as a pack of people did. Poor decision I did, I felt I was dying in less than 1.5k... my legs felt heavier as pine logs, my mouth drier than Sahara desert. The weather was fine, just a bit warmer than I expected but I felt like I was running in the hot humid jungle. On kilometer 3, less than 2 miles of running, I walked for the first time. I felt like sh.. as people passed by. Went back to race and as I hit a point near starting line I heard people cheering us and it felt great and gave me a bit of energy to continue. On kilometer 5 I walked for the second time and I thought "well, this is it, I can´t keep the pace with this compression stupid things in my legs", but somehow I managed to get to the top of a little hill and kept going. One kilometer later I walked for the third time after a little climb and this time a encouraged me to keep going since the finish line was very close and he was right. The finish line is not an ilussion or a mythical beast, it´s there for us to take it if your body and mind are in sync... so I started to enjoy the race as I took a look at the blue sky and took a coordinate good breath for the first time in the race. I kept on going and finally I made it running and not walking, I didn´t quit, it felt wonderful. My race time, 0:51:38, I crushed my pace PR for 8-10k distance.   The aftermath of the race experience was: never try new things on running day, keep focused and concentrate in your stuff disregarding if other people is faster or if they have a better technique or better shoes. Always be true to yourself and enjoy every minute. I will sign up for a 10k in November. 
ctijerin Occasional Contributor replied
I´ll take it into account next time I get a new pair :) more
Tips for not falling on trails !
Does anyone have any tips for not taking a massive spill on he trails? I seem to have a fall on almost every challenging trail at least once unless I hyper focus on looking down for every step. When I talk to others who enjoy trail running they do not seem to have to focus like that to avoid falling.  Is this maybe a sign I should stick to the roads ?
BC Coach replied
The old addage of "It's not if you fall but when you fall is true"! We will all fall, some more oft... more
Recent Playlist
I've been working out to this playlist recently on Spotify, so I thought you might enjoy it too.  It's a random grouping of songs that I'm enjoying right now, and they keep me upbeat. I'll warn you now that I have a totally eclectic mix of music style, genre, and decade, so there's a little bit in there for everyone.    Where X Ambassadors meet Hall & Oats and high five Vampire Weekend.  Enjoy the jams! 0t9K3mDQomAe3gj7jGJJJG   @eathappyrunhealthy 
JoyG-H New Contributor replied
I hop all over itunes with a big mix of music as well. Lorde helps me set the pace, Lady Gaga keeps... more
Knee pain while increasing the mileage
Hi Guys,   I am a heavy runner & I recently had my gait accessed by Brooks at a local race expo. They said when I run, my knees tend to point outwards?! In these 15 days of August, I have ran 50 miles (which according to many experienced runners might not be a lot) but I have started to get knee pain even when I walk. I rested it for 2 days & I wore the knee compression band all day long.  Is this normal? How long should I rest it?  Am I increasing my mileage too much? I have been putting 70-80 miles a month since February 2016. I am training for few more half marathons this year.  Thank you in advance.
ccalfee Valued Contributor replied
Add a glute and core routine to your training.  Ice after every workout.  Give us some more details... more
Beginning of the Season Team Motivation
Does anyone have ideas for fun team bonding ideas to help get your cross country teams motivated and running together the beginning of season?
ccalfee Valued Contributor replied
I use ideas like:   Breakfast after runs McProm: the team dresses up and goes to McDonald's The... more
I got a blister running in my new shoes
Hey!  I love love my Brooks Pure Flows.  I run 4-7 miles, and am working up to a half marathon.  I've been wearing this shoe for several years (this style).  However, I got the Pureflow 5, and I ran today, and got a blister!  My heel was rubbing.  Any tips for adjustments I should try?  This is a half size up from my regular size because this new style fit so much more closely and I needed more room in the toe box.     Options I'm thinking:  kick my heel back and tie it in with the laces.   Keep it looser (maybe I got over excited and tied it too tightly) Wear a bandaid from now on.  Boo.  
ccalfee Valued Contributor replied
Other than adjusting your sock selection, you could move the laces to the farthest back eyelet.  Th... more
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