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How old is old?
Being that I am a teacher, I find that my students have some very interesting ideas about what is old.  To many of them, 30 is ancient; to others, 50 is just the middle of the road.  They, however, do seem to believe that everyone should try to embrace the idea of being "younger."  I have a particular student who is always encouraging me to "upgrade" my look so that I can look younger.   Be that as it may, I like the fact that I am 49.  I like it so much more because in many ways I still feel like I am in my late 20s or early 30s.  So, what does this have to do with running instead of writing something that might be found on a Yahoo blog.   Well, here goes.  On Saturday, at the High Bridge Ultra in Pamplin, VA, I PRed for 50K at age 49.  I ran the race hoping to break my trail record of 4:26.  I thought my wisdom of pacing should surely get me just under that mark.  However, during the race, I found myself running with a bit of reckless abandon - as if I was going to break 4 hours.  It was so refreshing to just go for it!   Of course, I did wither a bit at the end - finishing in just a little over 4:05.  Nevertheless, it was a refreshing reminder of how that running allows us that extra bit of "youth" when it comes to handling life.   So, next time you are faced with the possibility of a PR - just go for it, and you will be all the better for it.   Enjoy the miles.   Christopher
EricLuedeman Contributor replied
We are the same age and I wish I could run a 50k that fast.   I will be 50 in a month and can't wai... more
Looking for online testers to help Brooks create a better product!
The Brooks Digital Experience team is looking for willing testers to help us create a better online experience for our customers. We're setting up a beta testers group within The Run community and we would love your help!   Being a part of this group will allow you to participate in user studies that involve all the things Brooks does digitally. We'll post surveys and quick tests for you to participate in, and in return, you will have the opportunity for discounts and contest entries.   Respond to this post if you'd like to participate. We'll be limiting the number of people initially but will open it up to more people as we expand the program.   Once you've been accepted as a tester, you'll be able to see a "BETA Test Area" topic added to the community sidebar. This is the exclusive area within the community for our testers, where we will be posting tests and you can ask questions as needed.   Thanks! Brooks Digital Experience Team
7storm New Contributor replied
I am willing to help brooks do anything they need to improve an already historically revolutionary ... more
Change shoes?
Hello! I am a 41 year old mother of 2 and marathons are my happy place!  i am 5' and weigh 103 pounds.   I run on average 45 - 60 miles a week and am getting ready in December to begin training for my second Boston marathon.  I have been running in the Glycerins and am very happy with them, however when I recently took the "shoe test" Brooks has online it tells me that I should be wearing the Ghost.  It does not even list the Glycerin as one of my other suggestions.  My question is, Is that accurate? Has anyone made the switch from Glycerin to Ghost or vice versa?  Would the Ghost be a better option and if so why/how is it different than the Glycerin other than a 1mm difference in drop.  Any advice is appreciated and thanks in advance!
ccalfee Valued Contributor replied
The shoe predictor probably took your weight into account.  The Glycerin just has more cushion than... more
Good Luck High School Coaches!
Wishing the best to all of you in your various states who are wrapping up your seasons! Good luck and COACH AND RUN HAPPY!!!
ccalfee Valued Contributor replied
Thank you very much.  I took over a cross country program this year, and we reached goal #1 yesterd... more
Beginning of the Season Team Motivation
Does anyone have ideas for fun team bonding ideas to help get your cross country teams motivated and running together the beginning of season?
DonDoSAE1 Contributor replied
We go camping. Have nightly camp fire talks. We go far away (about 3-4 hours away) but some of our ... more
Core Training Programs
Hey coaches,   I feel like we are always trying new core training programs and new stability training programs.  We have used a few and I was wondering if anyone has a program that works well for them.
DonDoSAE1 Contributor replied
I've always been a fan of the Jay Johnson stuff.  more
Motivation for less than stellar HS XC team
For the first team in years we have a team that just doesnt work hard. They do the workouts but at a snails pace. We even had them race us, two old men way past prime, and we beat them. They are a good group, fun, respectful but no drive. Any ideas? 
DonDoSAE1 Contributor replied
How did things work out for you? Did anything improve? Such a tough situation. more
Ghost 9 Stitching irritation
Has anyone else had an issues with the three small stitches on the inside of the show where the toe cap meets the sole causing irritation and rubbing against the bone nehind the big toe. I know one other person wit the same shoe and he has the exact same problem. I am considering sanding the stitching down on the inside or picking it out. It is causing massive irritation and only on the left foot    
Ghost 5
Hi runners!!!!   Where can I buy a pair of Men's Ghost 5 10.5
mikeyrj Contributor replied
I think you're best bet would be a site like eBay. I doubt you'll find that shoe anywhere else. Goo... more
Popping in my knee, some pain varying from mild to sever. Pain in between hip and groin.
I have knowledge on both injuries and have narrowed the knee problem down to my ACL,PCL, or Patellar tendon, and I believe thr hip complications is due to a hip flexor that becomes strained, I allow it to heal but I guess not long enough, and it is reagrivated. Any tips for treatment? I am a very experienced runner and this is my life, and to not be able to function with my norma confidence and strength is unbearable, would deeply appreciate any help.
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