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One leg 2 inches longer than the other -what to do?
I am writing for my Mom. She has a bone disease that caused one leg to be about 2 inches shorter than the other. Obviously, she is not an active runner.   Most of of her shoes are modified by a cobbler to add a lift. Think of it as adding 2 inches between the sole and the upper to turn the shoe into a platform shoe. This limits her choice of shoe to one that the cobbler can alter, not one that fits. Oh, and she has a peculiar foot shape in terms of heel width and arch. I'd love to get her a pair of shoes that are comfortable, lightweight and fit.   She doesn't need a running shoe, but it seems to be a good choice for light, adaptable footwear.   So I have a few questions for the community:   Has anyone modified a Brooks shoe this way?    Is is there a better way to get shoes that fit and accommodate the difference between the legs?   Is there other information that the community needs or questions I didn't ask?   Thank you all for your help.  
frozen toes in cold weather
hi friends, Just wondering what kind of socks you wear during winter. It doesn't get that cold where I live but it's now in the upper 30s/low 40s in the early morning and my feet are frozen. I also may be moving to the midwest so I might need the warmest socks around!!   Thanks, Emma
RichardB Valued Contributor replied
I wear my summer low cut socks year round @Emmarunner and don't wish frozen toes on anyone. In supe... more
Elbow Pain after Sprints
This might be an odd question but I am experiencing sore elbows after sprinting/speed work. I'm not sure if it's because I'm swinging my arms really hard, the blood is rushing to my elbows, or if I'm just getting old! Has anyone else experienced this?
RichardB Valued Contributor replied
Hey @mikeyrj, your elbow issue is a new one for me. I am not about to diagnose from a distance but ... more
Compartment Syndrome?
  About a week ago, I started working with an athlete who is complaining of tightness in her calves. She's 20, has been running for a couple of years and has a real thirst to test her limits. She's got a history of calf tightness. She passed on today's workout because her calves were so tight after yesterday. Usually, a post-workout roll helps, but it didn't today. However, the discomfort seems to be sporadic. After several text messages this morning, I began to wonder if she has compartment syndrome. Anyone had any experience with this?  And if it's not CS, what else could it be?
RichardB Valued Contributor replied
I have an athlete with lower leg issues similar to your athlete @marpr227. My athlete is a 17 year ... more
Kicking athlete off team
A few years ago, I had to kick an athlete off the cross-country team. I hated to do it, because he was either our number 2 or 3 runner, and I really liked this guy. But he became such a distraction to the team, he left me with no choice. He dropped out of school (this was college) and joined the army. It changed his life. About 10 years later, he sent me an e-mail telling me how much he loved the army and now he understood why I did what I did. It was truly a gratifying moment in my coaching life.    Have you ever kicked an athlete off your team? Looking back, was it the right move? What were the long-term results? (if you know).
Why are you here?
For several months, my two training partners and I would start our Tuesday morning track workouts at 5:30. We'd finish around 6:45, and we usually saw this guy step on the track as we were leaving. One day he stopped us and said, "I see you guys out here every week. Why are you here?" I said, "Well, I'm here because these two are here."  My two training partners agreed that seldom would we do this every week on our own. We depended on each other not just for accountability, but to elevate our game.   A dependable training partner is priceless. 
I need help with my running stamina and form
I'm 25 years old and my running is horrible. I use to run at least three times a week and I swam the other two. I took a little time because I trained for three years straight. But even when I was training my running was always the worst. I don't know what it is but I get out of breath way too fast. And when I get out of breath my form goes out the window. I was wondering if y'all could give me some tips, workouts, anything really to help me. Thank y'all so much in advance
marpr227 Founding Runner replied
It's hard to say without seeing your workouts, but most novice runners don't do enough distance, an... more
Frisky Goat Winter Series
Anyone else doing a "test run" of their 2017 New Years Resolutions?  What are your running goals for 2017? Frisky Goat Winter Series: 5k series December 4, 11, 18 and January 1, 2017.…/20…/10810/frisky-goat-win ter-series
Emmarunner Valued Contributor replied
hi @runner26 Oh thanks for letting me know! I'm actually interviewing for a job in Chicago.. so th... more
I'm not real big on stretching
Years ago, I read (I think it was Tom Osler but don't quote me) who said he didn't stretch, because the only time he got injured was when he stretched--he prefaced it by saying he was about to commit heresy.   I've met several people whose opinions on running I really respect, told me the same thing.   In lieu of that, I have my athletes (and myself) go through sprint drills and bounding exercises, even utilizing a medicine ball, believing here you get the best of both worlds. Increase the range of motion and build strength without stressing the muscles in ways that have no practicaclity with regards to the actual running process.   Anyone else share this philosophy?
RichardB Valued Contributor replied
Hello @marpr227, @Emmarunner, @BC, @EricLuedeman and the Run Community. My first mile of every run ... more
Maratón de La Habana-MARABANA
El Capitolio, modeled after the US Capitol building in Washington DC, was the seat of government in Cuba until after the Cuban Revolution in 1959. © 2015 Susan M Hall On November 15, 2015, I joined 567 Americans and ran the Maratón de La Habana-MARABANA 21K   In my case it was as simple as checking a box on the Travel Affidavit for general license category 8. "Public Performances, Clinics, Workshops, Athletic & Other Competitions and Exhibitions."   Americans can now purchase direct flights from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Havana, Varadero and Santa Clara, Cuba on Southwest Airlines. THE RACE The MaraCuba 4k "fun run" takes place the day before the marathon on Physical Culture and Sports Day.   Later that afternoon runners meet up at the Ciudad Deportiva for a pasta dinner followed by a race course review.    The Maratón de La Habana-MARABANA 21K starts in front of El Capitolio.  It runs along the Malecón, past the Hotel Nacional, the recently re-opened U.S. Embassy and the Plaza de la Revolución before finishing at El Capitolio.    The full Maratón de La Habana-MARABANA is two loops.   Aid stations are stocked with clear plastic bags of lime and fruit punch flavored water.   A high point of the race was the elderly Cuban women sitting on the curb shouting “corre" as I slowed to a race walk, arms pumping wildly, up a long gradual hill.   For American runners the good news is 1 km goes by a lot faster than 1 mile.   At the finish line runners are funneled into a courtyard where Cuban runners compete for foreign runners shoes.  I gave my size 10 Brooks Glycerins to a female runner that I had met the day before at the 4k.  Post race  I stocked up on water and two cinnamon raison buns  at the panadería   next to the Inglaterra Hotel.   This years Maratón de La Habana-MARABANA  takes place on November 20, 2016.
runner26 Occasional Contributor replied
I didn't run the Marabana this year.  Maybe next year.  I've got the Palestine Half Marathon and th... more
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